Training & Coaching

With increasing expectations on senior managers in increasingly more turbulent times, leadership skills are critical to business success and employee engagement. Additionally, including employees and other key stakeholders in the change process has been identified as a key success factor in any change initiative.

Global Change Leaders offers training and development programs to support a business’ change initiative.

In addition, Global Change Leaders are trained and experienced in a number of GE best practices which have been designed to engage key stakeholder in the change process.

Global Change Leaders also offers unparalleled coaches and mentors in all functional areas and general business management.  Our team is skilled technically but more importantly, having worked at senior levels, are well equipped to assist managers develop their leadership capabilities.  Global Change Leaders have all worked in one of the world’s best training ground for the development of business leaders.

Our Services

   Due Diligence Support

   Governance Planning & Audits

   Integration Projects

   Organizational Change

   Post Implementation Assessment & Audits

   Project Management & Coordination

   Succession Planning

   Talent Assessment

   Training & Coaching