Our Values

  • Results driven

  • Accountable

    Global Change Leaders take responsibility for our recommendations and actions. While the ultimate decision-making rests with the client, we offer solutions based on facts and data consistent with our experience and expertise.
  • Integrity

    Global Change Leaders operate at the highest levels of integrity and comply with applicable laws. We work openly, transparently and consistently with our clients to deliver on our commitments.
  • Customer Focus

    Global Change Leaders are committed to putting our clients first and delivering the highest quality of service. We ensure that we fully understand our client’s expectations at the beginning of our assignment and check-in regularly to ensure alignment. We believe that all successful projects should aim to deliver a favorable impact on our clients' customers
  • Inclusiveness

    Global Change Leaders value the diversity of our team and of our clients. We seek and evaluate information from all appropriate sources. We are passionate about leveraging diversity to attain the best possible outcome for our clients. We strongly believe in engaging employees actively in projects and in leveraging their know-how and passion.
  • Courage to make difficult decisions

    Global Change Leaders have the experience and self-confidence to take an unpopular position in our client’s best interest. We will deal directly with difficult situations.
  • Innovative solutions

    Global Change Leaders leverage their past experience and encourage “outside-the-box” thinking and brainstorming to recommend creative solutions for the future. We will identify options that best meet the company’s objectives and opportunities while remaining consistent with the company’s culture and values.