Who Are the Global Change Leaders?

We are an extraordinary group of leaders who offer their global experience in leading change initiatives, organizational integrations and business mergers and acquisitions.

We are proven operating leaders in various business functions and overall business leadership with demonstrated strategic, tactical and operating skills. Global Change Leaders have mastered well known GE tools such as Change Acceleration Process, Workout, Lean and Six Sigma as well as the rigorous strategic financial and human resources planning processes.

Through hundreds of due diligences, acquisitions and integrations of differing sizes and within different industries all over the world, we have developed a structured approach and well-honed techniques focused on processes, data and people. Our broad range of expertise in multi-cultural and multi-lingual environments, as well as the geographic reach of our team, allows us to take on global assignments in various parts of the world.

Linda SharkeyStan MaksonBill MateerBob MuirRoman OryschukKim HarveyLynn FergussonBeverly SolingerAnki ArctaediusRachel HandsGiulia RanzugliaRobert WeeseAndy SmithPeter ForrestWendy FaganJane L. WextonValérie LardyPatrick PalermeMike MarkovitsClaire Dibb