Integration Projects

There are two main types of integrations: internal integration following a corporate restructuring or acquisition integration. While the general approach is similar, each integration has its particular challenges and opportunities. Collectively, Global Change Leaders have been involved in hundreds of integrations around the world. We have learned through these integrations to remain focused on the original goals while ensuring excellent governance, preservation of the franchise value of the business, attention to customers, retention of key talent and the creation of positive energy within the company.

Successful integrations require planning at the earliest moment possible such as during the due diligence phase of an acquisition or when a restructuring is under consideration. There must be clarity around the goals and objectives, the challenges, issues, opportunities as well as the strengths and the weaknesses of the organizations. A high-level strategic integration plan must be developed and followed through with detailed functional plans for each part of the organization.

  • Areas focused on by Integration plans

Global Change Leaders can help you in every phase and area of focus from integration planning through the post-implementation review for the Board of Directors. Our team has the hands-on experience of running integration projects in every part of the world in various businesses. We offer a situation-based approach to each integration with the right balance of process, data and people.

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